Absentee Voters

Absentee Voter Requirements:

Any registered voter may, subject to the provisions below, vote absentee at any election. Iowa's provisions that allow you to vote absentee are these:

  • When you expect that on election day, you will be absent from your precinct during the time period in which the polls are open.
  • When, through illness or physical disability, you expect to be prevented from going to the polls and voting on election day.
  • When you expect to be unable to go to the polls and vote on election day.

A person who has been designated to have power of attorney by a registered voter does not have the authority to request or to cast an absentee ballot on behalf of the registered voter.

There are several ways to vote by absentee ballot. You may ask for a ballot by mail or in person at the county auditor's office. For some elections, you may vote in person at a satellite voting station. If you live at a health care facility or are hospitalized and request an absentee ballot, the ballot will be brought to you.

Application for Absentee Ballot