County Permits

Following is a list of permits and licenses generally issued by the various county agencies.

Some counties may or may not require specific permits or licenses, or may require more than what is listed. Please check your local county website for additional information or specific application forms.

County Permits and the Issuing Office

Beer and Liquor Permits in the unincorporated areas of the county….County Auditor*
Birth/Death Certificates….County Recorder
Boat, Snowmobile, ATV Registration….County Recorder
Building Permits….County Planning & Zoning Department
Cigarette Permits in the unincorporated areas of the county….County Auditor*
Drainage Tile Crossing Permits (in Right Of Way)….County Engineer
Farm and Field Entrance Permit….County Engineer
Fireworks Permits….County Board of Supervisors
Habitat Stamps….County Recorder
Hunting / Fishing License….County Recorder
Marriage License….County Recorder
Oversized Load Moving Permits….County Engineer
Passports....Issued by various departments. Check with your county.
Peddlers Permits....Issued by the County Sheriff
Petitions for Drainage District Repairs….County Board of Supervisors
Trapping Permit (Beaver)….County Auditor
Utility Location Permits (in Right Of Way)….County Engineer
Weapons Permits (to purchase or carry)….County Sheriff’s Office
Well Permits and Septic Systems….County Sanitarian Department

* For information on permits inside the city limits, please check with the municipal City Clerk’s office.