Real Estate Statewide Search

ISACA has long been interested in offering a Real Estate Statewide Search Portal to the citizens of Iowa. Through a partnership with Schneider Corporation, that goal has been reached and the ISACA Real Estate Statewide Search Portal has been launched. Schneider is currently populating this portal with real estate parcel and tax information from all of their current client counties. Schneider is now offering participation in this Portal to all of the non-client counties at no cost. ISACA hopes that all 99 counties will share their information through this site and make this Portal a valuable tool to those in your county, and across Iowa, who need daily access to statewide real estate information.


If you have any questions or need further information, contact

Schneider Corporation
Jeff Corns
Executive Vice President
866.973.7100 ext. 7272

Barb Baldwin
Mitchell County Deputy Auditor/GIS
ISACA Website Standing Committee